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Drive C Technologies Ltd is a crane Services Company based in Nairobi established in the year 2007 initially as a successful computer software and hardware trader and later mutated into a Crane services provider in 2015. We have lifting capacity up to 100 tons. The reach of our equipments is up to 65 meters. We have experienced Operators suited for delicate operations and tight fixes.

We've got what you need!

Our cranes are certified by approved certifying agents and licensed.

Our equipment have been inspected by KEBs and authorized by Government authorized Equipment Inspector.

We are authorized to operate by the KENHA on all routes nationally.

The equipments are maintained to the highest standards.

We have Mix of Cranes and Self loaders of varying Capacity to address the lifting and transportation needs of our clients.


Our Services

Lifting and positioning contracts


Lifting & transportation contracts


Loading & offloading contracts


Hoisting contracts


Service Request

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Why choose us?

We are a trusted Service Provider in Lifting, offloading, Hoisting, transportation, Installation and recovery assignments.  Our Mission is to offload the challenges of heavy lifting and transportation from the client as it becomes our daily preoccupation. We render services within the requisite code of safety and ethics while executing assignments.  We purpose to maintain a well trained and motivated Team to operating within the safety regulations of our partner organizations.


Contact us


Mountain Mall, 3rd Flr, Thika Super Hwy, Nairobi , Kenya​​​​​​​


Betty +254 723527527

David +254 733153460



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